Career plans: should your employer lead yours?

The shortcomings of an employer led career plan In the current economic climate, some people feel happy to just have a job and are quite willing to go along with the direction and career path that an employer provides them with. You can see why others might take this approach but because you are determined […]

Midlife crisis? A mentor can help

People are, on average, living longer. Advances in healthcare, technology and what we know about staying active and healthy has had a positive impact on our lives. The average person in the Western world has a rising life expectancy. This is good news but it may also mean that our midlife period will last longer. […]

The career climb

Finishing university at any age is an exciting time because you have your entire career ahead of you and you have a chance to set yourself off in any number of directions. With your qualifications behind you, it can seem as though the possibilities are endless. The trouble is that before too long, you will […]

Is your job title killing your career aspirations?

While there may be a lot of prestige with some job titles, a title may not always project the position or power that a person believes they hold. The issue with job titles is that, apart from in very rare occasions, they are created by the hiring company. The company will have a reason for […]