Leadership lessons I learnt after “taking a walk”

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Seizing the opportunity to enjoy sunshine to the last unit I decided to hike to the English country side on a warm summery day with an eclectic group of people. It was a good day and I hadn’t expected to learn leadership lessons from a random bunch of people and its quirky leader, Cat.

I present the lessons I learnt,

      1. Destination and a route map – Have a destination and know the terrain
      2. Research, Prepare and gear up
      3. Equip yourself with tools of the trade, maps, compasses,
      4. Get to know the people you are with– Engage and understand who they are. Everyone has something to offer, understand why they are there – fitness, relax, challenge
      5. Set the right expectations
      6. Prepare to adapt – Be ready to change the destination and the map
      7. Know when to motivate, be tough and nurture (around stinging nettles and brambles)
      8. Don’t forget why you are doing it – Enjoy the journey – Look up, enjoy the scenery, walk through the fields, appreciate the coastline, don’t miss the deers, birds, breathe in, enjoy the lakes
      9. Reflect, act
      10. Challenge yourself
      11. Listen –share life lessons, be open to ideas and collective experiences
      12. If you decide to change your destination on the way, it is fine
      13. Know when to ask for help – When you know that the path is rocky and you are on a slippery, ask the strong handsome stranger for a helping hand or when you are lost and can’t walk anymore ask if you can get a lift from the nearest pub
      14. Appreciate
      15. Be consistent – be there
      16. Make your style work – Your style is unique as you are
      17. Take breaks, refuel and reassess
      18. Celebrate the victories – small and big
      19. Set your sights on the next one – Rinse and repeat
      20. Journal your lessons

About the contributing author Pravitha Philip:

Pravitha PhilipPravitha is a business consultant with a decade of experience and interest in IT, Utilities, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business analysis.

She’s part of the Editorial Committee for the  Aspiring Executives Committee (AXC), a do-it- yourself executive development programme which facilitates the development of 7 core leadership competencies.

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