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Can profile views on LinkedIn boost your career?  That’s a hypothesis the AXC Editorial Committee sets out to test.  Last week marked the start of the first cycle of an initiative to improve visibility for AXC members.  Actions taken by members weren’t prescriptive.  What’s interesting from analysing the results is that effort does create more views BUT there’s possibly an optimal threshold.


Our recommendations

Number of profile views grew by a whopping 283% for 1 member, who had a total of 23 views last week.  That translates to approximately 3 views per day.  In interpreting the results our recommendation would be if you’re just starting out using LinkedIn in this way, take a moderate number of actions, we suggest about  24 actions over a 7-day period.  These actions could be any mix of the following actions you can take on LinkedIn:


Like articles

Comment on updates and group topics

Share updates

Post group topics

Add connections

Publish articles


The evidence – what the preliminary data shows

Due to the social nature of LinkedIn, could our contacts possibly tire of our actions taken?  Our data shows that although one member took significantly more action than others in the group, profile views only marginally increased – member A had 24 views, as compared to member C who had 23 views.  You can consult the graph provided for further analysis.

And stay tuned for more tips on how to leverage your LinkedIn contacts and support your career plans.



If you’d like to join AXC’s Editorial Committee, here’s the link