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Q: What can I expect when I sign up for membership?

A: Our very first communication will alert you of any vacancies. That way you can work towards submitting your application if it’s of interest. Other communications would include alerts about upcoming committee meetings or other member-only opportunities, eg. being featured in reports, articles and other ways that will help your build credibility as a thought-leader and demonstrate your executive ability.

Q: How regularly are committee meetings?

A: Committee meetings are typically scheduled weekly. There are at least 52 meetings per year.

Q: What can you tell me about the committee meetings?

A: Well meeting agendas are dispatched 7 days before each meeting, providing adequate time for members to prepare. The meetings are conducted in a boardroom setting, with up to 10 participants. Topics discussed are for strategic issues facing real high, growth potential businesses. The executive level practice members experience is likened to that you’d have at your workplace if you were offered a place on the board.

Q: How is membership to this group different from other membership sites?

A: Our mission is to create opportunities for building demonstrable track record. All our correspondence to members are with that mission in mind.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: Basic membership, which is what you’re currently considering signing up to, is free. There are other membership levels with additional value. Those levels are available to basic members at a cost.