Leadership Etiquette: Creating a workplace atmosphere for effective productivity

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Research has shown a correlation between workplace environment and high-performing employees. A right environment can help to achieve 3 things in particular – increase productivity, facilitate employee satisfaction and help with talent attraction & retention. One of the tasks of a leader is providing a workplace that employees like. However how does a leader choose from the wide range of people, place and tool factors that organisations can use in the design of the work environment? Here are some of my thoughts on making a workplace environment great.

1) Ask employees what makes a good workplace – In most cases, the best way to know what matters is to ask. One way is to discuss ideal workplace environment in team meetings and collaboratively agree which to take forward as there are likely to be lots of interesting suggestions.

2) Engage with Facilities and HR – following collaborative agreement on ideas to take forward and implement, engage with the Facilities and HR department as they are experts for workplace design, implementation and policy. Agree plan of action, including timelines and communicate progress regularly with your team.

3) Make it a priority – as a leader there are lots of activities (strategic and operational) that take up your time. My recommendation is to choose a “workplace champion” to lead this. Make it important by establishing a KPI for this role and offer incentives such as a performance related bonus for achieving this objective.

I would love to hear your view on how workplace atmosphere affect business productivity and what leaders can do to create effective environments.


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Gbemi Akojenu

Gbemi Akojenu MBA ACCA is a professional accountant with extensive experience in management accounting, financial reporting, tax, governance and risk. She has an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and is a member of the ACCA South East Women’s Network and also a member of the AXC. Her interest is in business strategy, finance, innovative and developing leaders in the workplace.  Outside work she enjoys learning new things, the theatre and listening to music.

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