Leadership Etiquette: Creating a workplace atmosphere for effective productivity

Research has shown a correlation between workplace environment and high-performing employees. A right environment can help to achieve 3 things in particular – increase productivity, facilitate employee satisfaction and help with talent attraction & retention. One of the tasks of a leader is providing a workplace that employees like. However how does a leader choose […]

Our aptitude for making assessments is faulty … here’s why

Imagine a colleague comes up to you at the photocopier and they say ‘hey, you’re a good swimmer! A few of us are swimming the Channel, think you can do it?’ The English Channel is 21 miles, on a calm day with a neap tide. That distance is equivalent to a 6 -7 hour swim. […]

Interviewing for Director roles? Learn to communicate the value you’d add

I read recently that the ‘why should we hire you’ interview question is a stupid one. Maybe it is. And I could appreciate why that author felt strongly about making that statement. Normally it’s not an answer that can contribute meaningfully to executive recruitment decisions. Though, not all hiring managers are skilled at interviewing. Sometimes […]

Improve profile views on LinkedIn

  Can profile views on LinkedIn boost your career?  That’s a hypothesis the AXC Editorial Committee sets out to test.  Last week marked the start of the first cycle of an initiative to improve visibility for AXC members.  Actions taken by members weren’t prescriptive.  What’s interesting from analysing the results is that effort does create […]

5 steps to faster decisions

Do you suffer from ‘CEO disease’ or know anyone who does?  The deceptive contagion, not reserved to professionals who hold the CEO role, that has to do with a person’s ego resulting in an unwillingness to improve.  To learn. ‘CEO disease is a bad case of imperious self-aggrandizement and ego-tripping at the expense of the company’. – Forbes […]

Yes, you can speak …

What can you learn from a woman, with a passion for story-telling and presenting? You’ve probably read a lot of great blogs on how to deliver an engaging, exciting and meaningful talk or presentation and probably watched first hand many great speakers and thought ‘I can’t do that….’ I’m here to tell you that you […]

Leadership lessons I learnt after “taking a walk”

Seizing the opportunity to enjoy sunshine to the last unit I decided to hike to the English country side on a warm summery day with an eclectic group of people. It was a good day and I hadn’t expected to learn leadership lessons from a random bunch of people and its quirky leader, Cat. I […]

Career plans: should your employer lead yours?

The shortcomings of an employer led career plan In the current economic climate, some people feel happy to just have a job and are quite willing to go along with the direction and career path that an employer provides them with. You can see why others might take this approach but because you are determined […]

Keeping Productivity Flowing

The Latest Information on Productivity With people getting busier and facing increasing demands on their time, at work and at home, there has been a movement towards utilising multi-tasking wherever you can. In theory, being able to do two, three or more jobs at one time should save you time but there are also doubts […]

Why launch a personal brand plan

Thinking about your personal brand? Branding is an integral part of business life but in recent times, there has been an increased level of focus on personal branding. If you are keen to progress your career and be recognised as a relevant figure in your industry, you will find that launching a personal brand plan […]