What we do

It is believed that to master sport, strategic games like chess and most activities, require consistent practice. And that’s what being a part of the Aspiring Executive Committee (AXC) community does for aspiring leaders – provide opportunities for real-life leadership practice.My First Directorship is licenced to run AXC meetings. AXC is a do-it-yourself leadership development programme, where professionals meet weekly to nurture 7 core executive competencies.

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What our process involves

7 days prior to each meeting there is an agenda which details what the next meeting would be about.

Meetings typically address 1 or 2 strategic challenges faced by businesses with high growth potential. Committee members are required to prepare answers to these business issues in advance, and articulate their thoughts at the meeting.

As other members listen to their peer’s presentation, they think of why the solutions proposed might not work and justify their views.

Members then put the subject to a vote. Deciding on the top 2 suggestions.

Once both topics are covered, members assess each other’s participation.

Who we help

Unlike other leadership development programmes our members get involved in meetings to help themselves. And as a result help each other. As leaders, we’ve taken charge of our careers.

Members participate at meetings at a high level – as they would for their employers – and get involved in other opportunities the community creates to demonstrate their leadership capability.

Who are we? We’re driven professionals, MBAs and Senior Managers. And as a community we’ve been working together to achieve the same goal – develop stronger leadership skills.

Typical meeting format

All meetings are 1 hour long and follow the prepared agenda.

Agenda items include:

  1. Attendance register & apologies
  2. Strategic issue #1 – Each member presents and challenges each other’s view
  3. Ballot
  4. Strategic issue #2 – Members challenge an idea proposed
  5. Peer assessment
  6. Any other business

Members who attend meetings are considered for vacancies within start-ups.

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